Unmetered Lives

When the Spanish ruled Cuba someone realised that it cost money to keep slaves, to feed, guard and house them, it was far better to give them their FREEDOM and then pay them only just enough to stay alive. There are two types of freedom, the first is like Laissez Faire (Let it Be) to have no material attachments and to accept things as they come, and the other is to have so much money that nothing becomes an object, but it is never enough…

Our Lives should be Un-metered and Free

The tools of the future are Information, Knowledge and Wisdom – They are more valuable than Gold and Oil. This is true empowerment, the apple is eaten, the box is open and the Genie is not going back into the lamp no matter how hard you try. In days gone by artisans would guard the secrets of their trade, but in a world that is full of information things have changed and we must move with it not against it, it is the stark reality that others faced very many years before us and came to terms with the problem with the simple phrase ‘ adapt or die ‘ It is therefore fundamental that we all have access to Information and education, there needs to be a vision and road-maps. We reap what we sow; It is almost like people are putting a price on people’s lives, when they should be un-metered.

Opera Mini Overview:

Supplying and making available universal Internet and communications access in Africa is of vital importance, but also needs to be as simple and inexpensive as possible. A big part of the solution will be WAP enabled mobile phones that can run the free to download

Internet browser Opera Mini. This enables the phone to surf a lot of normal websites, and not just sites that have been written for WAP, you can also log on to your Gmail or Yahoo mail account, reading and replying to emails from your mobile. What makes the system work is not so much the phone being able to cope with the extra data, but that the browser is routed through a proxy, this in a nutshell means it translates pages into small, the big advantage of this is it dramatically reduces the amount of data sent to the phone. A web page, which normally would be anything from 200K up to two Megs, is now squashed into about 30K or less – as the user is only charged for the data that is transferred this greatly reduces the cost to a fraction of any other service available. People can read and send emails for as little as two cents, the same saving applies to looking up words, accessing search engines and on-line encyclopedias. This can all be done completely on a pay as you go basis, with no monthly fees.

The cost of a mobile phone that can work with Opera Mini is a fraction of the price of a new (or secondhand) PC – The power requirements are very low and well suited to rural areas in Africa – The only software needed is Opera Mini which is available for free – Service charges for Internet access are included in the data charge. Getting connected is quick and easy, mobile phones have a service available in large parts of South Africa and Africa in General.